Video Playback Wiki - Watching videos using MPC-HC the right way

Video Playback Wiki helps you to quickly set up the latest codecs and Media Player Classic Home Cinema version for a superior video playback. For an extensive tutorial, which covers every imaginable facette of DXVA accellerated MPC-HC playback you can also refer to this excellent guide, but you should still download MPC-HC and ffdshow using the links provided here, as they are more up to date.

Don't use VLC, CCCP or CoreAVCEdit

While using VLC seems to be an easy solution for watching videos, it has it's fair amount of playback issues. Those are -amongst others- problems with soft subtitles and color distortions.

CCCP on the other hand would be a very good playback solution since it already contains MPC-HC and only the codecs you really need, but it's updated far too rarely and therefore lacks bugfixes and improvements which have already found their way into MPC-HC and other components of the pack weeks and months ago. Only consider using the latest CCCP Beta when it's not older than a few weeks.

And while CoreAVC realizes GPU accelerated playback on certain Nvidia graphics cards, it's only worth the money in special cases like having a system based on atom/ion or some strange pc setup which has a ultra low-end single core cpu, but a new Nvidia graphics card. Otherwise, following this guide, ffdshow and DXVA also should get you to be able to view 1080p content stutter-free.

And of course: Don't use any other codec packs at all. They are more than likely crap and will mess up your system.

Get the latest Codecs and PlayerEdit

This lists the software you need and -even more important- where you can get the latest versions. Before you install any of the make sure to uninstall all existing codec packs!

1. DirectX and graphics drivers

To rule out any graphics driver or DirectX issues and to enable GPU hardware accelleration, if supported by your graphics card, you should first download and install the latest drivers from your manufacturer.

DirectX - You can download the latest DirectX version directly from microsoft.

ATI Catalyst - You can download the latest Catalyst driver version directly from ATI.

Nvidia GeForce - You can download the latest GeForce driver version directly from Nvidia.

2. MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema)

The official project page lists the latest stable release, which is usually a couple of months old and outdated. You should only use this version if the latest builds cause playback issues on your system.

Latest MPC-HC build - direct download hosted by XhmikosR. Download the .exe file with "x86" in the file name. This is the 32-Bit installer-version, so install it.

3. ffdshow tryouts

This contains the codecs for decoding most videos.

Latest ffdshow tryouts build - direct download hosted by XhmikosR. Download the .exe file without "x64" or "icl11" in the file name. This is the 32-Bit installer-version, so once again install it. During the setup do not change the components which will be installed and select your speaker configuration from one of the options. If you have a 5.1 system connected via SPDIF/HDMI select "disable mixer".

4. Haali Media Splitter

This demuxes different video containers like .mkv, .webm and .ogm so that MPC-HC is able to decode the video file.

Haali Media Splitter - direct download from Haali's project page. Install this with the default settings.

Setting up MPC-HCEdit


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